Jeremiah 27

Vs. 9, “So do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your interpreters of dreams, your mediums or your sorcerers who tell you, ‘You will not serve the king of Babylon.”  As the time was coming near for the Babylonians to seize the land, false teachers will rising up.  Jeremiah would spend this whole chapter imploring Judah’s king Zedekiah, the five neighboring nations and then the priests and people.  God would instruct Jeremiah to put on a yoke around his neck.  Now yokes were these wooden beams that were attached to oxen to help guide them.  This yoke would be an object lesson for all that it was time to submit.  False teachings and prophets were rising up and giving hope to those who felt they could turn against God’s judgment.  But, Jeremiah remained steadfast in his persistence to ensure God’s word was not being distorted.


Regarding application…Which Yoke?  Vs. 2, “This is what the LORD said to me: “Make a yoke out of straps and crossbars and put it on your neck.”  God instructed Jeremiah to put his yoke on.  And we must also bear our own yokes.  The yokes can become very burdensome when we sin and go against God.  But they are there to protect us and guide us.  Jesus would tell us, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matt 11:30).  Everyday we must be steered by God like a farmer steers his oxen.  But when we try to turn away from God…the yoke of sin is so much heavier.  Brothers & sisters, put on God’s yoke today and trust that even though you may go where you do not want to go that God is with you!

Revelation 3


.”  Sardis was a dying church.  But, even in a dying church there were still a few who remained faithful.  Vs. 5 has been a controversial passage in which some people like to use this verse to support the fact that a Christian can lose their salvation.  However, this book of life has all the names born in it…but those who turn to the Lord have their names written in the Lamb’s book of life and those who do not have their names blotted out of the original book of life.  I know it’s confusing but take a look at Revelations 13:8, 20:12, 20:15, 21:27. Vs. 1, “…


.”  This is one of the strongest passages to support the fact that we will be raptured (taken to Heaven) before the 7 years of tribulation!Ahhh…the city of brotherly love.  It was a smaller church and here we see Jesus doesn’t have words of rebuke, but rather words of encouragement.  We see that though they were small, they were faithful!  Small churches have their places in this world =)  Vs. 10, “Laodicea

.”  A well known passage to stop our complacency…but also a note to remember that “Hot” & “Cold” are both good connotations by our Lord Jesus.  Jesus isn’t saying He would rather see us withcold hearts.  The “cold” here would be like a refreshing cold spring or glass of water.This was the wealthiest church of the seven.  When I think of the churches today…I can’t help but see the churches in the United States represent the modern day Laodicea.  In fact the word Laodicea means “The rule of the people”.  Perhaps they were a church who no longer followed the spiritual leaders, but rather tried to rule on their own.   Vs. 15, ”

Regarding application…Which church do we represent?  Upon completion of the seven churches….We must be open & honest before our Lord and see what diagnosis is needed for our church…for our individual lives.  None of us are beyond rebuke or admonishment.  Let us not forget our first love (Ephesus) and become lukewarm ( Laodicea ) churches.  While vs. 20 is used for many evangelistic messages…this really is a message for the body of Christ.  Jesus wants to fellowship with his church…are we inviting Him in?  Are you inviting Him in your QT’s?