Lamentations 1

Vs. 1, “How deserted lies the city, once so full of people!  How like a widow is she, who once was great among the nations! She who was queen among the provinces has now become a slave.”  The magnitude of loss was immense.  The destruction of God’s city and the deaths of many overwhelmed any who had witnessed such a thing.  Jeremiah had been preaching for over 40 years to God’s people about repenting from their evil ways.  But they would not listen.  Like the apostle Paul would tell us, “We reap what we sow.” (Galatians 6:7).


Regarding application…Sin Seperates.  Vs. 22, “Let all their wickedness come before you; deal with them as you have dealt with me because of all my sins. My groans are many and my heart is faint.”  I think it’s safe to say none of us like to think about the topic of sin in our life.  Yet, this very sin in God’s people would seperate them from Him.  They hid from their sin for years and now they are receiving their consequences.  By the grace of God, He would return them and all of us back to Him.  But, we should let this be a very impactful reminder that nothing can come good of the hardening of our hearts.  Dearest brothers & sisters, how is your heart today?