Matthew 19

Vs. 30, “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”  Jesus would address some pretty tough issues in this chapter.  One of the more controversial topics in Jesus’ day and in ours today is the topic of divorce (vs. 1-12).  Some were finding excuses to get out of their broken marriages.  However, Jesus would point out something more authoritative than the Mosaic (Moses) law…it’s God original intention.  Divorce was never and is never part of God’s plan for us.  Sadly, because of our harden hearts has God has permitted, but not endorsed divorce.  We also see another example of how important children are to Jesus (vs. 13-15).  And lastly, we come to our good old rich young ruler who wanted it all…riches and salvation (vs. 16-30).  It wasn’t that money is inherently evil, but it was this man’s love of the money.  Jesus knew exactly what was the one thing that was holding him back.


Regarding application...Who Can Be Saved?  Vs. 25, “When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?”  The disciples were astonished because the belief back then was the richer you were, it showed how much more you were blessed by God.  But, Jesus blew this whole concept out of the water.  We still have this thing called the “Heath & Wealth” gospel today.  Brothers & sisters…salvation comes no other way than Jesus.  We cannot buy our salvation or do all the right things.  It seemed impossible for the disiciples to grasp this, but Jesus would tell them all things are possible (vs. 26).  This coming week, have a unselfish heart and remember how blessed we are that God was our witness for His son at the Mount of Transfiguration (message that was shared today)  God bless!