Jeremiah 20

Vs. 2, “he (Pashur) had Jeremiah the prophet beaten and put in the stocks at the Upper Gate of Benjamin at the LORD’s temple.”  What before was threats…now became a reality.  Pashur, the security officer/priest of the temple would have Jeremiah beaten.  Spending all night with your body bent and twisted wouldn’t be at all comfortable, and when you add the pain of the beating, you can imagine how Jeremiah felt.  But, unfortunately for Jeremiah…this would be the first act of several more persecutions he would face for standing up for God & righteousness.  Jeremiah would mention the actual name Babylon for the first time, in the past he referred it to a nation from the North.  If the events described in Jeremiah 18–20 took place during the reign of Jehoiakim (607–597 B.C.), then it didn’t take long for Jeremiah’s prophecy to be fulfilled. In 605, Nebuchadnezzar plundered the temple and took Jehoiakim and the nobles to Babylon. In 597, he carried off over 10,000 people, and eleven years later, he burned the temple and the city and left it in ruins. Five years later, he would deport another group of exiles.


Regarding application…Jeremiah’s Lament.  Vs. 7-18.  Jeremiah’s complaint or lament is a human blending of grief and joy, prayer and despair, praise and perplexity.  Regardless…Jeremiah would live above his moods/feelings and do the will of God no matter how he felt.  In this honest expression of his deepest emotions, the prophet dealt with why he was called, his dangerous living and the despair of knowing the disaster to come.  There are going to be times and have been times where we cry out to the Lord.  We wonder why me?  We wonder why it’s so hard?  We wonder what is the point?  It is in these times of despair that we must remember a key element!  Our tendency in times of trouble is to retreat and get away from people.  But whether it was Jeremiah, Job or Paul…each of them would do the exact opposite.  Yes, they were doubting, questioning, etc…but they still turned to God!  That is the key to sustaining their faith and helping them to be obedient.  Don’t retreat from God…but always let him know how you feel!  He is the one person that will hear your cries and help you along the way.

Revelation 20

This is a very talked about passage in the Bible, for many have wondered its purpose.

The Thousand Years

” comes from the Latin word that means “one thousand”.  There can be no Millennium until Satan is removed from the Earth…satan is sent to the Abyss, but not the Lake of Fire (at least not yet).   The Old Testament Saints as well as those who went through the Tribulation will live on Earth with Jesus.  Now you may ask:The word, ”

Satan’s Revolt

?” (Jer 17:9) God will release Satan one more time.  Because the heart of people still have the sin nature in them.  It is to prove that we cannot be perfect..and we needed Christ no matter what.  A perfect environment cannot create a perfect heart.  Unfortunately, some of the future generations of the resurrected will revolt and join Satan.  It just shows you the heart of people when they do not choose God….how sad.  “

Great White Throne

Final judgment for the sinner.   What books are involved in this final judgment? The Bible will be there, according to John 12:48. The very Word that sinners hear and reject today will judge them on the last day. There is the Book of Life, containing the names of the saints. If a person’s name is not found in the Book of Life, he or she is cast into hell (v. 15). Also present is the book containing the deeds people have done. God is a Righteous Judge; He keeps a record of their deeds and will punish each one justly.  The church & all who are saved will not take part in this judgment.  We stood before the Lord at the Judgment seat.

Regarding application…Accountability.  Vs. 11, “Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it.”  No more can people use the excuse that Satan tempted me.  For me, this chapter helps me realize even more just how much we need Jesus.  Apart from anything other than God…we are doomed.  Don’t live this life without remembering who you are!  I pray we all are judged for our rightous acts at the judgment seat…rather than our sins at the Great White Throne.