How to QT

This is just a guideline after years of doing my own quiet times that I found worked best for me. So if you don’t know where to start, I encourage you to follow this.

  1. Start with prayer
    1. It’s important not to just jump right into reading the Word…prayer helps prepare you.
    2. Ask the Holy Spirit would guide you in revealing the Word more clearly to you (John 16:13)
    3. Prayer reminds us to be dependent upon the Lord.
  2. Read the Bible passage
    1. Even read it more than once in one setting, or read it once in the morning and evening.
    2. Read and meditate (think) on God’s word carefully and reverently.
  3. Seek out additional tools
    1. View my website –
    2. Purchase a Bible Dictionary. ┬áMany of you have Bible’s, but I would also encourage you to purchase a good Bible Dictionary (Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary) is a great start.
    3. Consider bible commentaries to give you further understanding.
  4. There is generally one original meaning (interpretation) to every passage
    1. Each passage has different applications to the original reader as well as us today.
    2. Be wise in applying scripture to your life. Sometimes there is a tendency to apply a passage incorrectly.
  5. Consider using a prayer model such as the: ACTS Prayer
    1. A – Adoration (Worship God)
    2. C – Confession (Ask for forgiveness of sins)
    3. T – Thanksgiving (Give thanks to the Lord and thank Him specifically)
    4. S – Supplication (Prayer requests)

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