Introduction – Acts

Acts is pivotal book in the New Testament.  Luke is believed by a vast majority of scholars to have been the author of this book.  It is Luke’s part two of his Gospel written to Theophilus, probably a Roman citizen.  Luke was a companion of Paul and it widely believed his eloquent Greek and vocabulary points to Luke being a physician.  Luke probably wrote Acts in the early 60’s (not 1960’s…but 60’s A.D.)  In Acts we see the beginnings of the church.  It is full of intrigue and adventure as we see the Gospel literally go from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  Acts teaches us how to be followers of Christ.  Of course, in Acts we also see the promised Holy Spirit come and indwell believers and empower them in the early church.  We have much to learn and apply these truths in Acts to our churches today.