Introduction – Hosea

The book of Hosea begins our journey into the section which we call “minor prophets”.  Don’t misunderstand, the word minor should not connote lesser importance.  Each of the minor prophets had a very concise message that spoke of a prophecy.   The prophet Hosea lived during the times of the Divided Kingdom (753 B.C. – 725 B.C.).  The name Hosea is translated to the word “salvation”.  Hosea’s message was directed primarily to the Northern Kingdom.  It was a time of relative prosperity.  However, there was the sin factor that was eating away at Israel.  Israel was unfaithful and Hosea gives us a unique perspective.  God would have Hosea marry Gomer as a living illustration to the broken relationship with His people.  Hosea was used by God to warn Israel of their spiritual decline and sadly lived to see the day the Assyrians would come and invade the Northern Kingdom.  The book of Hosea gives us insight into incredible grace of God.