Ezekiel 46

Vs. 3, On the Sabbaths and New Moons the people of the land are to worship in the presence of the Lord at the entrance to that gateway.”  Ezekiel continues to give us some insight regarding worship.  Question: Just who is this prince?  Some scholars believe it can’t possibly be Jesus, while others state it is Jesus.  Regardless, notice how the prince helps to set the example with the others in rightful worship.  It’s also important to see the order of worship, for many would come on these days (vs. 9).  I really appreciate the order of worship and details that God put importance with inheritance and food sacrifices.

Regarding application…God in the Details.  Vs. 24, “He said to me, “These are the kitchens where those who minister at the temple will cook the sacrifices of the people.”  It’s kind of cool to think that food is a part of the worship details!  Even in the church today, we institute communion.  I’m known to be a very detailed person, and I love how there are specific roles in the kingdom of God.  I think the challenge for many of us today is not forgetting how details can be a very underestimated part of the worship/church experience.  The location of each speaker, where the drums go, the lighting and ambience, the arrangement of the chairs are all important aspects of details that go unnoticed.  Of course, in the end…the whole purpose of all these things is the worship of our Lord!