Ezekiel 44

Vs. 5, The Lord said to me, “Son of man, look carefully, listen closely and give attention to everything I tell you concerning all the regulations regarding the temple of the Lord. Give attention to the entrance of the temple and all the exits of the sanctuary.”  Ezekiel is given a further vision and instruction regarding the prince, the priests and the Levites.  The instructions of Mount Sinai (Exodus 24) were not followed in the past, so we are now actually given even more strict regulations based on how people responded in the past.  The sanctuary of God and how we enter it is not to be taken lightly.  Serving God in any capacity must always be looked at as a privilege. 

Regarding application…Impure Ways. Vs. 6, “Say to the rebellious house of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Enough of your detestable practices, O house of Israel!”  Question: Why would this happen?  In Psalm 19, it states, “the fear of the Lord is pure…”  When God’s people entered His house in the past, they brought their impure ways with them.  Sadly, this application is something that we have continued to do to this very day.  When we bring our impure ways to God, there are consequences to this.  It’s easy to point our fingers to others: blame the Pastor, blame the elders, blame the coach, blame the CEO, blame the teacher, etc.  God does deal with the leaders in good ways and bad ways in how they live, but He also deals with each of us in how we live this life.  I urge you brothers and sisters not to underestimate our impure ways.  Ask the Lord today to convict your heart and let His word dwell richly in you.