Ezekiel 23

Vs. 2, “Son of man, there were two women, daughters of the same mother.”  Question: Who were these two daughters’?  They were the two kingdoms, the Northern (Samaria) and Southern (Judah) kingdoms…Israel & Judah.  Now, if you remember…Israel/Samaria had already been taken captive by the Assyrians earlier.  We have a pretty graphic chapter today to say the least!  It is a metaphor (symbolic of something else)…that depicts God’s deliverance of Hi people from Egypt and now how they responded in the Promised Land.  They were supposed to be in a relationship with the Lord, but instead, they were prostituting themselves to other nations.


Regarding application…Sin is Serious.   Vs. 35, “Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Since you have forgotten me and thrust me behind your back, you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution.”  Whether physical in meaning or spiritual in meaning…when we put other things before God, it becomes pretty serious business.  In our society today, sin has been minimized (It’s not that big of a deal).  It’s common to use the Lord’s name in vain, it’s common to have premarital sex, it’s common to gossip and slander, it’s common to glorify ungodly music.  Question: How do we know when our sin becomes serious to God?  When we don’t take it serious ourselves.  The penalty for such sins was death.  God took it so serious that He would send Jesus to die for us.  Yet, metaphorically speaking…we are the ones yelling “Crucify Him!” when we don’t take sin serious in our lives.  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but it starts with the condition of the intentions of our heart.  How is your heart today?