Jeremiah 12

Vs. 1, “You are always righteous, O LORD, when I bring a case before you.  Yet I would speak with you about your justice: Why does the way of the wicked prosper?  Why do all the faithless live at ease?”  Question: Why do the wicked always seem to prosper?  But Jeremiah would not be the only one to ask such a question.  We probably have all asked such a question and we know Job did too.  No matter how strong we are in the Lord, sometimes our human intellect will conjure doubts in our minds.  Jeremiah wanted God to just get it over and the unrighteous dealt with.  But God would respond with a reminder that our life will not always be easy…in fact, it will become increasingly harder as you walk stronger with the Lord (vs. 5).  We see the utter sadness that God would have to watch His creation reject Him.  Yet, once again, we see God’s faithful promises shine in the darkness of men. (vs. 15)


Regarding application…Questions. God is patient with His children.  Jeremiah trusted in the Lord but still wondered why the wicked seemingly were not being affected.  While we can sit and anaylze the word of God to satisfy our curiosity regarding such questions, It really just comes down to trusting His promises.  It’s not that it is inherently bad to ask questions…but sometimes we are faced once again with the task to believe in something we don’t understand = Faith!!!  It doesn’t matter if we have all the answer so much as it matters that our faith is increasing our character.  Whenever you have questions…ask…but remember that ultimately, we were never intended to know everything.  That is why God is God and we are His creation.