Revelation 16

The bowls of wrath contain the direct judgment of God upon the world; they are not the result of what people have done or Satan’s influence.  Once again, they are very similar to the plagues against Egypt .

1st Bowl

These sores will be worse the leprosy or cancer.  It mirrors the sixth plague.  It’s interesting to note that God is in control of all such ailments to the body.  Whether allowed or because of the result of sin.

2nd Bowl

This bowl turns the seas to blood!  Unlike the trumpet that turned 1/3 of the seas to blood, this turns it all to blood.  Of course blood signifies death.  What once was full of life now becomes full of death.

3rd Bowl

This turns to the rivers to blood & fountains to blood.  This is huge because all of the Earth’s water supply is now blood!  The evil world shed the blood of God’s people…now God will most definitely bring consequences!

4th Bowl

The sun will scorch people!  Yikes!  I remember when I was badly sun burnt at last year’s beach outing in San Clemente…It took literraly nearly a year for it to heal.  This will be quite a painful consequence to say in the least.  One biblical commentator mentions this bowl we be a preview of what Hell will be like!

5th Bowl

Now we see the opposite…this bowl will bring darkness to the land.  It is possible this darkness will only apply to where the Beast has setup his kingdom.  Satan is the prince of darkness, so it is only appropriate that darkness from God be a consequence.

6th Bowl

?  Many scholars believe it is the Asian countries that have the largest population in the world.  They will come to fight the war against Israel .  Satan & his trinity (The antichrist & the false prophet) will assemble this vast army against the Lord.  This is also the only passage that has the word Armageddon, although there are many passages that speak of it.  Armageddon: Mount of Meggido.  Har or Ar = Mountain.  Meggido = place of slaughter.  It’s location is the plain of Esdraelon.  Barak defeated the Canaanites & Gideon defeated the Midianites in this same location.  It could be an actual place where the war is done or it can a metaphor for the battles thorughout the tribulation.The Euphrates river will be dried up so that the Kings of the East may come and find passage to eventually fight in the War of all Wars: Armageddon.

7th Bowl

This is the last of the wrath before Jesus comes back!  We are near the end of the seven year tribulation.  The voice is Jesus (vs. 17)  There is a great earthquake that splits Jeursalem into three and destroys the city of Babylon .  And we end the last bowl with Hail the size of 100 plus pounds!

Regarding application…God’s Wrath.  As William Newell says, “Men who will not be won by grace will never be won at all.”  God’s wrath is final…just as Pharoh hardened his heart…the people who live with one more chance…still turn from God.  But that time has not yet come to this world.  We as God’s light are called to do our part in bringing those whose hearts are hard back to the Lord while we have a chance.