Revelation 15

Besides being the shortest chapter in Revelation, this chapter is the preface to the final series of judgments which come on the earth during the Great Tribulation.  Before we mention that in greater detail, we are shown once again the believers who died for Jesus’ name in the tribulation.  They are singing the song of Moses, probably the same song Moses & the Israelites sang upon crossing the  Red Sea .  We saw the sea of glass in chapter 4, but this time fire accompanies it.  The fire indicating God’s wrath.

The 7 Vials (Bowls)

Satan at this time is pouring out terrible wrath upon believers…the Jews especially, but God will have the last word.) covers the last three and one-half years.).  The smoke signifies (vs. 8), signifies God’s judgment.  A note regarding order of the seven seals, trumpets & vials: Theologian, William R. Newell contends that the first six seals will be broken during the first three and one-half years, and that the seventh seal (  While the earthly temple may have been taken over by the beast, the Heavenly temple cannot be touched (vs.5).  Seven angels come out ready to bring wrath…7 being the number for completion (  A world that has rejected the Son of God, must now bear the judgment of sin.

Regarding application…Our Response.  “The cause of Christ can be painful and costly. It is about sacrifice. But the sacrifice is motivated by love, not fear. and the love is what sets us free.” Jeanette Thomason.  Just look again at the saints from the beginning of this passage.  Their response…as well as our response is to glorify & worship our Lord of Lords.  Vs. 3, “...Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty.  Just and true are your ways, King of the ages.”  It is not our place to challenge or wonder if God is just…we must believe His ways are right…His ways are just…His ways are marvelous.  Our human intellect sometimes wants to think it is higher than God’s.  It saddens me to see people who once knew the greatness of God, turn to the world & it’s logic and now they scorn our God & challenge His ways.  May the Love & Wrath of God draw us closer, not further from Him!  Turn to the Lord today & Worship His Holy Name!  Know that we can Trust everything that God will do…no matter how hard it is to understand.