Revelation 8

Vs. 1, “.” The scene before us is very solemn…it is the calm before quite intense storm. The seven trumpets are about to bring the full intensity of the Tribulation. Many scholars believe the seven trumpets are poured out in the first half of the Tribulation.

1st Trumpet 

This parallel’s the seventh plague of Egypt. Hailstorms in themselves are dangerous…but mixed with fire? Whew…this will be devestating!

2nd Trumpet

This parallet’s the first plague of Egypt. The sea/ocean which occupies most of the Earth will be next. We are not sure what this will be..symbolic or possibly a asteroid? Whatever it is…it’s going to wreak havoc.

3rd Trumpet

This is a big one too, for it will literraly affect our fresh drinking source. Some believe this may also be a meteor.

4th Trumpet

This is a fulfillment of one of Jesus’ phophecies (Luke 21:25-28) It is somewhat ironic that on the 4th day of creation, God created the Heaven’s & Earth…and on the 4th trumpet he will darken his creation of light. This will bring terror to so many…for signs in the skies have always made people fear. The crime & tumult will only increase to gigantic proportions.

Regarding application…Consequences.  All of these consequences are not only a time of wrath poured out upon a sinful world…but it is also a time for repentance for many.  While many do turn to the Lord…many also harden their hearts like Pharoh.  I think consequences in our lives determine our spiritual maturity or lack thereof.  Don’t you agree? Take a child for example….all you have to do is watch a child be scolded.  If the child responds with sadness & a sorry heart, you can see already that they are learning to grow from their mistakes.  If you see the child “huff & puff” and go pick on their little brother or sister because they are mad…well…we would all probably say this is a “brat!” This attitude of responding to calamities & consequences can either make our heart turn to God more…or grow bitter towards our situation in life.  Which one are you?  Instead of complaining when tough times come…let us all the more realize that when problems arise, we are given the opportunity to show who we put our trust in!  Ourselves, this world, relationships….or the Lord Most High!