Revelation 7

There is a pause between the sixth & seventh seal…judgment is given a temporary break as God chooses 144,000 people from the tribes of Israel .  Remember…the church as we know it today will have been raptured up to Heaven.  Yet, God’s message of redemption will still need to be shared while it is not too late.  This is a literal 144,000 Jews who will then take part in sharing God’s word in this time of Tribulation.  And during this time multitudes of Gentiles will come to know the Lord, because of the preaching & sharing of God’s love through the 144,000 chosen Jews!  This multitude of Gentiles came to know the Lord during the Great Tribulation and here they are presented before the Throne of God.  They most likely have been martyed during the trials of living as a Christian.  What a glorious sight to see…the twenty-four elders & the church, Angels, four living Creatures, Jesus & now the new multitude of Gentile believers are bowing down to proclaim the truths of our Lord!

Regarding application…Wow, a lot to digest in one setting!  It will be amazing what God is going to do in the time of tribulation!  So many multitudes of sinners will come to know the Lord…but they will also pay a deep price of suffering during this time.  We read in the latter half of this passage what they all had to endure.  To live in the tribulation will not be easy!  It’s amazing to think that so many will come to Christ in this short time.  It really is quite humbling to think about.  Perhaps they (those who live during tribulation) are the fortunate ones for out of great tribulation…God is sought after more than ever.  Perhaps our lives here on Earth have been to easy…for that is why so many have turned their hearts away from the Lord.  Either way…it all balances out and God is Just!  Let us continue to remain steadfast in our hope for one day we will witness this marvelous event!