Revelation 4

”  We see a vision of God’s throne with rainbows, thunder, lightening….we see twenty-four smaller thrones with twenty-four elders…we see four creatures with eyes all over them!  Whew….what a sight to behold!  Yet, even in this description we do not see a flambouyant display of grandeur, but rather a display of the Holiness of God!  Don’t be confused by the details of this chapter…rather look at what all of this is trying to point out:  The Greatness of God!  Fasten your seat belts & put your seats in an upright position!  You are about to come with John to the throne of the Most High!!!!  Vs. 2, “Question: Who are the twenty-four elders


Regarding application…Worship of God.  Simply ask yourself again…what are we learning from this chapter?  Worship of God.  Worship is not just saying nice things about God on Sunday.  Worship is recognizing who God already was, is & will always be!  Theologian J.I. Packer, “We must turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God.”  The more we know of God…the more it will help you to truly worship Him!  But once again….you may ask…”But why do we worship?”  Pastor Richard Foster, “Our God is not made of stone.  His heart is the most sensitive and tender of all.”  Wow…do you know what this means?  God delights in the worship & attention of His creation!  That we would matter to God brings a purpose in life so incredible!  Guess what?  One day we all will be before this very throne we just read about!  Let us join with these four living creatures….join with the angels…join with our brothers & sisters awaiting our homecoming to heaven….join to raise our voices & sing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty…”