Introduction – I John

This letter was composed sometime around 85-90 A.D. with the intent to remove doubts and resssure young Christians about who Jesus was.  John is the same author who wrote the Gospel of John…and he was older now and perhaps the only surviving apostle at this time.  This is the same John that would walk & talk with Jesus, watch Jesus die, met Jesus after He rose from the dead and saw Jesus go up to Heaven.  It’s safe to say that John knew who the Lord was…and that love would convey itself in this letter.  John also wrote this letter to counter false teachers.

1 John 1

Vs. 4, “We see John testifying of the magnificent truth about Jesus in the first section of this chapter.  Jesus was and is as real to John now just as Jesus was real when He was with John on earth.  Though our lives are filled with sorrow & trails, God also wants us to have that eternal joy in having that relationship with Him (Vs. 4).  But, John also challenges us to have a “honest” relationship with Jesus (Vs. 6)…we must confess ours sins and come humbly before the Lord.  This means “walking in the light” and dealing honestly with our failures.  Salvation is a matter of life or death, but fellowship with God is a matter of light or darkness.  If you lie to God, to others, and to yourself…you will undoubtedly lose that fellowship with the Lord.  A godly person cannot grow living in darkness.