QT – Isaiah 32

Vs. 1, “See, a king will reign in righteousness and rulers will rule with justice.”  Isaiah will now invite us to see a glimpse of our future and what plans God has for us.  The next few chapters are not Isaiah’s speculation…rather divine revelation of what lies ahead.  The “King” is none other than Jesus Christ…and it isn’t just a king, or the king…but our King!  Unlike the failed kings of the past…Jesus will reign with righteousness.  We will no longer be spiritually blind to the King.  Isaiah also warns the people (women) of the present day who were growing complacent.  Before the promised King, there would be turmoil…don’t get too comfortable. 
Regarding application…Popularity.  Vs. 5, “No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected.”  In our present day…it is the fool and the scoundrels who receive all the glamour and glitz.  Whether it be actors, singers, politician’s, rich, popular, cool, etc…one day others will not look up to them.  We have it all reversed.  We stand in awe of the famous, but pay little regard to the men & women who have served our Lord faithfully over many years.  People will stand & applaud lifetime achievement awards for people who happen to be good at acting, singing, sports, politics, etc.  Yet, we take for granted those who are the backbone of God’s church.  What the world deams as popular and what God deams as noble & respected are two entirely different things.  Don’t waste time on the foolish and repected of this world.  The true hero’s are the ones who honor the Lord Jesus in all that they do.