QT – Isaiah 27

Vs. 1, “In that day, the LORD will punish with his sword…”  Question: What does the sword represent?  His Word!  God will bring another exodus back to His land!  He will defeat the Leviathan and destroy the nations and the evil that has corrupted this world.  From Israel, God’s blessings will flow to the world.  Remember that the Vineyard symbolizes Israel.  And this Vineyard will bear fruit again.
Regarding application…Victory (Trumpet).  Vs. 13, “And in that day a great trumpet will sound…”  One day that Trumpet call will be heard by all of us…past, present & future who are God’s children.  And that Trumpet is a sound of victory and moment that signifies to us the entering into God’s Eternal Kingdom!  Remember, Jesus himself would exhort us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come…”  Are you praying for His coming Kingdom?  Let’s remember to not get so wrapped up in the here & now.  Life has so many distractions…goals, stress, worries….but let’s keep our hopes towards the future…let’s wait in eager anticipation of that glorious Trumpet call of Victory!