QT – Isaiah 22

Vs. 1, “An oracle concerning the Valley of Vision (Jerusalem)…”  The impending storm & chaos has now come to God’s own people.  Valley denotes a place of sorrow and death.  In the midst of the destruction to be…we see God’s people react with foolish faith in their defenses rather than God.  We also see the excerpts of Shebna & Eliakim.  Shebna was the deceitful politician who used Jerusalem’s resources for his own benefit.  While Eliakim was the good one who rose up in the face of tragedy.  He was hero for those who would suffer. 
Regarding application…Reacting to Mortal Lives.  Vs. 13, “But see, there is joy and revelry, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine! “Let us eat and drink,” you say, “for tomorrow we die!”  Wow…crazy, huh?  When they saw their enemy coming, they should have repented to God…but instead they “Lived it up” with indulging in drinking, partying & who knows what else.  When posed with such a fate…we can see the true heart of a person.  Some people…knowing they will die soon, turn to God and try to live their short life making up for their past.  While others…knowing they will die, have no fear of God and indulge in living it up.  How sad?  Yet…isn’t this just a small example of how we all live on this earth today?  So many know they will die…so they do everything they can to indulge in money, power, parties, sex, etc…  While others, turn to God.  Which path will you choose?