QT – Isaiah 20

Vs. 5, “Those who trusted in Cush and boasted in Egypt will be afraid and put to shame.”  Their folly was putting their trust & alliance on something other than God.  That is why it was unwise for God’s people to put their alliance with nations that did not fear the LORD.  Question: How would Isaiah respond?  He was not literraly walking around naked (vs. 2)…but he did take off his outer garment of sackcloth and his sandals.  Why?  He was showing everyone how the Egyptians and Cushites would be treated by the Assryian army.  The lesson was in hopes that those from Judah would realize this and stop putting their hope in other things.  Unfortunately, God’s people would not learn from Isaiah…and this led to their Babylonian captivity.

Regarding application...Sight.  Vs. 6, “See what has happened to those we relied on…”  God is not in the business to make things more confusing than they really are.  He has given us the ability to see…to even see beyond sight.  A person doesn’t need his eyes to find out what is going on in this world.  Isaiah had a very clear message he was giving to God’s children…yet they were spiritually blind.  Sometimes we seek…we search…we pray…for God’s guidance…but don’t realize that the answer to our prayers are sitting right in front of us.  Don’t expect some great epiphany like the apostle Paul had on the road to Damascus.  God isn’t in the business of making life so confusing that we can’t see His messages to us.  God uses things we see and hear to help us make the right decisions.  Are you paying attention?