QT – Isaiah 18

Vs. 1, “Woe to the land of whirring wings along the rivers of Cush.”  Cush is otherwise known as the land of Ethiopia.  The people of Cush had sent envoys to Jerusalem hoping to form an alliance as the pending Assyrian army drew closer.  But their plans were doomed to fail.  Their purpose for a treaty was not for God’s honor…but rather than their own protection.  But God’s plan was already at work, for He would use the Assryian army for His purposes.  God would patiently wait (vs.4) until the time was right.

Regarding application…Trust.  The Cushites made a fatal mistake.  They were half way there, but didn’t realize their folly.  It was right for them to go to Jerusalem…but it was wrong of them to seek protection rather than worship first.  Rather than trust treaties, they should have been putting their trust in the LORD!  They should have been humble worshipers, not sly negotiators.  They were putting their trust in men, rather than God.  Question: How many times have we made the same mistake?  Rather than lean on God…we lean on ourselves, we lean on others, we lean on circumstances, etc.  But we are called to trust God completely!