QT – Isaiah 17

Vs. 1, “An oracle concerning Damascus…”  Damascus is referring to the nation Syria.  Unfortunately…it was Syria that had made a pact with Israel.  Remember, Israel & Judah were two seperate nations at this time.  Syria & Israel would both fall to the invading Assyrians.  Yet in this catastrophe…we see a promise of God fulfilled.  Though Israel has failed…God does not fail.  For He graciously preserves a remnant and saves those who turn to Him.

Regarding application…Mercy.  What a merciful God!  It shows us that God does not unjustly call out nations, but looks also to the heart of each individual.  In the picture of God’s mercy…it is a illustration of the world as we know it.  Though God will judge this world we live in now…there are those who are saved!  While it is our hearts that have turned to Him and His Son….We must never take for granted that it was God’s Mercy that gave us the chance in the first place.  Let His mercy motivate us to go forth & do His will!  Let us be merciful servants who show mercy just as God showed mercy to us!