QT – Isaiah 15

Vs. 1, “An oracle concerning Moab…”   Question: How did Moab come about?  The shameful incest of Lot & his offspring.  These people would sadly become the enemies of the nation of Israel. Their King Balak hired Balaam the prophet, to curse Israel.  Balak feared Israel as they passed through the land of Moab.  And we read here how Moab will suffer at the hands of the Assyrians too.

Regarding application…Close But Far.  Vs. 5, “My heart cries out over Moab...”  Moab was so close to God’s people…they were neighbor’s of God’s people, but would never turn to God.  It reminds me of the two theives hanging next to Jesus…the thief who rejected Jesus was so close to salvation.  While the Moabites are now long gone…think of the symbolic “moabites” that you may know.  It could be a teacher, classmate, friend, and even family member.  They are in close proximity to God’s people…but they are blind to God’s love.  Let us have compassion upon the suffering…even though they may reject our Lord.