QT – Isaiah 6

Vs. 1, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple.”  Uzziah was a strong king, but a king who lacked the spiritual leadership in the end.  Isaiah witnesses none other than the Lord Jesus Christ (John 12:38-41)!  God lifted Isaiah’s head from the death of Uzziah and the question marks for Judah…to look up to Heaven.  There was not much glory or peace on earth during this time…and same with today.  Coming before the Lord Almighty helped Isaiah to realize his own sinfulness (vs. 5-7).  Now God gives Isaiah the call to go forth with courage to be a light to Judah and the world.  God could have used Angels, but he chose to use us.  Unfortunately, God knew that His word would reveal the true nature of so many.  It is the indivduals heart who hardens his/her own…not God.  God’s word simply reveals hearts who are already hard.

Regarding application…Obedience.  This was no easy task…in fact, from a human perspective…impossible.  It took a ton of faith from Isaiah to obey God.  When Isaiah went forth that day, he was no longer a mourner, but a missionary!  He was not merely a spectator; he was a participant. God had equipped him to do the job: Isaiah had seen the Lord, he had seen himself, and he had seen the need. Knowing that God was on the throne, and that God had called and commissioned him, he was ready to preach the Word and be faithful unto death.  Guess what?  The same call God gave to Isaiah is the same call he gives to us (Matt. 28, Acts 1)
There was a time for mourning…God allowed Isaiah some time…but, now was the time to be a light.  Brothers & sisters in Christ…There are so many reasons to mourn in this crazy world we live in.  The death toll continues to rise in Japan.  If you allowed it…it could lead you to a sadness that can literraly cripple you.  But God has a different plan for his children.  His plan is for us to do something about it!  What are you doing about it?  Let us never lose focus of what we are supposed to do.  Remember one day…The Whole earth will be full of Jesus’ Glory (Vs. 3).  Until that day, let us remind people and point the way to freedom!