QT – Isaiah 4

Vs. 2, In that day the Branch of the LORD will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land will be the pride and glory of the survivors in Israel.”  Who is the Branch of the LORD?  It is none other than Jesus! The time Isaiah is looking ahead when we are reminded of the second coming of Jesus!  Soon after the Tribulation…Israel will finally find its peace.
Regarding application…Peace of God.  Vs. 6, “It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”  Isaiah looks to the days of peace where the glory of God will reside.  What keeps the nations back then and today in such a state of turmoil?  Lack of Peace.  What brings a lack of Peace?  The condition of the Heart!  While this world will never be in peace until Jesus comes, we as Christians can still find peace because the Lord is with us!