QT – Titus 2

Vs. 1, “You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.”  Paul covers the full gambit of people groups in this chapter.  The elder men, the elder women, the young women & young men and even slaves.  In order to exhort each group to Godly living…each group needed Godly teaching with sound doctrine (principles, instructions).  Notice how the exhortations differ for each group.  Each group had their own faults and each had to make their own efforts to bring the unity back to the church.  Here we see how important each group is to the Lord.  God’s grace not only saves us, but it teaches us how to live a Christian life!
Regarding application…Look Within.  Vs. 7a, “In everything set them an example by doing what is good.”  We’ve all heard the phrase “Practice what you preach!”  There is a tendency within all of us to be quick to point out the problems with others.  But Paul is quick to reveal how we need to take a hard look at our own tendencies for the age groups we find ourselves in.  I noticed how Paul encouraged both younger women & younger men to be self-controlled.  You see…even back then, teenagers & young adults had self-control problems =)  I suppose not much has changed today.  God’s word tells us to say “No” to ungodliness and “Yes” to self-control.  For you today…I think some of the more apparent lack of self-control problems would be the use of the tongue (inappropriate language, gossip & slander, singing secular songs (at church).  Yet, those of you who do struggle, it’s very easy to say, “I couldn’t help it.” or even go as far as to say, “what’s the big deal…it’s not bad is it?”  May we live…”upright and godly lives in this present age.” (Vs. 12)  Let’s pray for our upcoming Revival too!