QT – II Timothy 4

Vs. 7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”  This records the final inspired thoughts of Paul’s Godly ministry.  It is no suprise to see Paul’s strong appeal to keep the faith & ministry alive!  Paul would exhort Timothy to keep preaching the word (Vs. 2)…and this is so important because we live in a time when even Christians don’t want to hear the Word of the Lord (Vs. 4)…because they just want to hear the feel good messages.  Paul needed to make sure that Timothy would understand that the baton was now passed on to him.  It’s touching to see Paul want to visit with Timothy one last time (Vs. 9).

Regarding application…Loving the World.  Vs. 10, “for Demas, because he loved this world, has deserted me and has gone to Thessalonica...”  Brothers & Sisters…this is such a big thing.  Demas was one of Paul’s trusted workers….Question: Why would he desert Paul in a time when Paul needed him most?”  Because, Demas could not endure the hardships of following God.  Because, Demas might have been scared.  Because, Demas ultimately chose the world rather than God.  We are not talking about the Rich Young Ruler event in Jesus’ ministry…we are talking about a man of God who served Paul & the Lord faithfully…yet when the biggest trial of his life came…he folded.  It’s easy to serve the Lord when all is well…this is what separates the boys from the MEN.  This is what proves whether your walk backs up your talk.  In Demas’s mind, I doubt he was thinking that he was “Loving the world” more than God…but from God’s perspective…either you follow God completely, or you don’t.  There is no compromise.  Either we give up all that we want and follow God…or we don’t.  We can’t try to follow God and follow other things…Jesus would make that quite clear (Matt 6:24).  Question: Will you be Demas or will you be Paul?  Will you love the world or love God?  You must choose only one.