QT – I Timothy 5

Vs. 21, “I charge you, in the sight of God and Christ Jesus and the elect angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism.”  Question: What causes problems in churches?  All too often…it is people not getting along with each other.  By now, we are aware that brothers and sisters in Christ do not always live together in unity.  Paul exhorts us to treat all members of the church like we would treat our own family (vs. 1-2).  It really is simply a call to love others in the church…because, the church in Ephesus was not doing this as they should.  And also, something to note: we see that Paul is instructing us to not just give help to anyone who is asking (Vs. 3-16)…we must be wise and realize they may be selfishly trying to get money and thereby leaving the real people in need without money.

Regarding application…Taking Care of Family. Vs. 8, “If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”  Amen…I have to give “props” to Koreans on this one =)  We all in America sorely lack this direct command from God!  It is so strong, that we are told we are worse than unbelievers (perhaps other cultures were taking care of their own…just like today).  Brothers & Sisters in Christ…could it be any more clearer than this?  Every time I go home to visit my Mom, I always tell her that she never needs to worry about who is going to take care of her.  I suppose it’s the American way…but this is NOT God’s way!  I would be incredibly disappointed if I ever found out that you were not taking care of your parents in their old age.  This is not some suggestion…this is a mandate by God!  Let us pray that we would pray for our family and relatives so that God would give us the right heart to joyfully care not only for their spiritual well being…but also for the physical well being.