QT – I Thessalonians 5

Vs. 16-18, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  The final chapter gives a series of admonitions instructing the Christians how to live with the fact that Jesus is coming.  As we read these many exhortations, we see that there were some definite problems in the young church. Christians were living carelessly…some were not respecting their church leaders and there was a general need for love and harmony among the each other.  These admonitions point out how the local church can live together to please the Lord.  We are also reminded to always be alert, because Jesus can call us home at anytime!

Regarding application…Staying on Fire.  Vs. 19, “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire.”  Question: How do you put out a fire?  You no longer feed it wood, oil or oxygen…or you pour water on it.  To put out the Spirit is to no longer walk with Him daily.  It’s when we refuse to do the Will of God: Reading His Word, Prayer, loving others, etc.  That is how you quench the Fire of God.  The next verse is about not treating prophecies with contempt.  That basically means not respecting God’s Word for your guidance.  That is another way to put out the Fire of God.  Fire is the picture of life…Just as you have to feed the fire with wood, coals, etc….we must feed our fire!