QT – Song of Song 8

The Shulamite’s intense desire & love for her soon to be husband is obvious.  Vs. 1, “If only you were to me like a brother…”  She is saying she wished she had known him her whole life.  She charges the daugthers of Jerusalem once again not to give into the desires of the flesh before marriage (vs.4).  As the Shulamite and her love come from Solomon’s and now entering back into their village…the people wander who is this that would come back (vs.5)?  It must feel good to the shepherd who has finally brought her back to him…and to hear her say such wonderful things of their love (vs. 5-7).  As the wedding approaches, the women are curious and inquire to the beautiful Shulamite how she was able to keep herself so physically pure.  Would their daughters be able to do the same?  The wall (vs.10) represents strong will to be a virgin…while the door (vs.9)…represents promiscuity.  That’s why the Shulamite says she is a wall.  For a wall is hard to climb, while a door is easy to enter.  She realizes the King owns her land, but the king does not own her body (vs. 11-12).  The Shepherd is looking forward to the wedding celebration to end so he may finally be with his new wife!
Regarding application…Protect Your Heart.  While the wall & door analogy was specific to young girls and the protection of the purity…I believe the application can most definitely be applied today.  And not just with physically protecting yourself until marriage…but how about protecting your heart!  Do we keep a wall (spiritual protection) around our heart or do we leave it open for others to take?  Far too many young people today are giving away their hearts, giving away their virginity…only to find it never satisfies completely.  Our heart really only belongs to one person…not your spouse one day…but to Jesus our Bridegroom.  Of course, we can share our heart with others…but the owner of our heart must be Christ!  People who have a strong desire to be loved are often the people who give their heart and body away too easily.  Turn that strong desire to Jesus and let Him quench it with His love!  Stop looking for love in the wrong places.  When you finally experience that love worth receiving…than you can share that Love that’s worth giving!  Protect your heart, for it belongs to our Lord!