QT – Song of Songs 7

Solomon and the women of the court continue to give praises about the beauty of the Shulamite woman.  Though, flattering…she is not impressed to the point that she forgets her true love…the Shepherd boy.  Upon finishing, the woman reminds everyone that she belongs to the Shepherd (vs. 10).  In this scene, it would seem that the Shepherd is found by the daughters of Jerusalem and enters the scene.  The Shulamite chooses her love…rather than the lust of Solomon and his riches!
Regarding application…Who Do You Belong To?  .This beautiful young Shulamite woman is a true rarity among women.  I believe beautiful people (on the outside) either men or women (espicially women)…have a much harder time trying to live a life for God.  Why?  Simply look at this story that unfolds before us.  The Shulamite woman is obviously adored by both Solomon and his women.  She could have easily been more than flattered and gotten a big head (to say it simply).  Yet, somehow she manages to remember where she comes from.  Beautiful people are treated differently back then and still today.  That is why I believe this story stands out among Solomon’s songs.  Because of the rarity of this woman and her love for her soon to be bridgegroom. 
Vs. 10, “I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.”  When the world comes beckoning your name…Colleges, Careers, Relationships, etc…don’t ever forget who you belong to.  You are not just high school student, a Korean, an American, a basketball player…you are a child of God.  If we remember what this young Shulamite remembered…I believe we would live a life that brings joy to our true Bridegroom (Jesus!)  Jesus desires us….do you desire Him above all?  If you do…then live it, express it, display it…let your life be filled with the Spirit (Intoxicated not with this world, but with Jesus).  Let each day be a new day to spend with the Love (Jesus) of your life!