QT – Song of Songs 1

The title “Song of Songs” means the “Finest of all songs”.  Solomon composed over 1000 songs, and this is the very best!  It is a book full of symbols and images, a book that requires maturity and spiritual discernment to appreciate and enjoy.  From a quick glance, the immature could distort the meaning of this book.  There has been much debate over the meaning of this song.  It will be very easy to look at this song from a human perspective.  Some like to avoid this book all together, thinking it is not appropriate.  However, we must remember II Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is Godbreathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”  This book is about true love within a marriage, it shows the love God has for His people, it is a picture of Christ the bridegroom and his bride the church, and it also portrays Jesus and the individual believer.  But most importantly it is a beautiful story of faithful love!!!!

In order for you to not be completely lost in translation…I’ll give a bit of overview =)   We have here a precious love story. It involves three characters: a lovely maiden, forced to work by her family, her beloved young man who has won her heart, who is also a shepherd, and King Solomon, who is known for his attraction to beautiful women.  While on one of his trips to examine his lands, Solomon meets the lovely maiden and takes her to his palace. There she can think only of her beloved back home.  She tells the women of the harem not to try to persuade her to forsake her true love.  She recalls her beloved and even has a dream about him. Solomon visits her to try to win her love, but she cannot forget her beloved back home. Her beloved sees her in a dream.  Again, the king tries to win her but the maiden refuses.  She is not impressed with the king’s wealth, spices, lands, or flattery. Finally, true love wins out and the maiden is set free. She flees to her beloved and is restored to her family again =)

Of course, this interpretation does not put Solomon in a very good light. But we already know he was not faithful when it came to marriage, and certainly it is not wrong to see him as a type of the world, trying to woo the believer away from her true love.  Keep in mind…Solomon could also be the lover.  Although I don’t agree with that interpretation.  Though is really is a minor point in the overall purpose of this book.

Song of Songs 1
In this chapter, we see Solomon has brought the young woman into his palace.  But she is only thinking of her love back home.  The other maidens in the palace (vs. 4) are amazed at such a love.  She looks at the fair skin maidens who lived a luxurious life and then at her blue collar life in the fields…she is dark from the sun.  She feels they are staring at her because she is so different than their background…her brothers forced her to work hard (kind of reminds me of Cinderella).  She thinks of her love back home & where he may be..and wishes she could be with him.  Then we see a dialogue that she perhaps is envisioning between her and her love back home. 

Regarding application…Vs. 2, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more delightful than wine.”  Wine was a symbol of celebration and interestingly enough Jesus’ first miracle was turing water into wine at a wedding feast!  Jesus’ love for us more delightful than wine is basically saying His love for us should be something we are intoxicated with…better than money, alcohol, fame, fortune.  For example…some of the youth members recently went to a concert and the girls were gushing about how cute the boys in the band were.  But our reaction to Jesus every day should be so extravagant,  Do you have an extravagant love for Jesus?  Like the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus….we should pour out our own lives & responses to Jesus that lets him know He is our true lover who sparks the deepest emotions in our lives!