QT – Galatians 4

Vs. 7, “So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.”  Paul continues to share with us the truth that salvation comes by Faith…not by works.  And the beauty of this is that we are heirs of the Father…we are His children!  We see a man that not only preaches the truth…but a man who truly loves the church and its people.  People won’t listen to you if you don’t love them.  Paul goes on to share the difference between Sarah & Isaac vs. Hagar & Ishmael.  Grace is equated to Isaac and Law is equated to Ishmael.  The Law was never God’s final plan for His people.  The danger that Paul saw in the church of Galatia is the danger that we can have today.  We tend to hold on to “religious” practices that sometimes lead us down the road of Hagar & Ishmael (the road of legalism).  Remember while there is nothing wrong with church traditions if they are bilblical…we must remember that those traditions did not save us.

Regarding application…Lost Joy.  Vs. 15a, “What has happened to all your joy?…”  Wow~~~….what a powerful question Paul asked the Galatians.  And yet…that question can easily be asked to many Christians today.  Where is your joy?  Where did it go?  It takes a daily walk to remember the joy that’s in the Lord.  It’s making that concerted effort to remember the redemption the Lord Jesus gave to us and continues to do for us.  We are redeemed…just as Ruth was redeemed by Boaz (Kinsman Redeemer)…we are saved and given another chance for life!  It’s time to stop sulking in our own sorrows…because there will always be a reason to be sorrowful.  Yes, it’s okay to cry and grieve…but even in our grief, we find true “joy” in knowing Jesus is in control.  I encourage us all to reflect on what we can be joyful for today!