QT – Proverbs 17

Vs. 3, “The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart.” You can use this chapter to test the condition of your heart.  Who do you hang out with, what do you listen to (vs.4)? A pastor once said, “Your ears will hear what your heart loves.”  What brings you joy(vs.5)?…are you glad when you see others suffer?  How do your respond to tough times (vs.9,13)?…Do you think of ways to get even or try to reconcile?  What are things you give in to (Vs.23)?  Some say every person has their price, their breaking point that they will give in if it benefits them…let’s not be one of them.
Regarding application…Importance of Friendship.  Vs. 17, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”  The example I can think of most clearly in the Bible about friendship is Jonathan & David.  Jonathan loved David when he was playing his music in the palace as well as when he was hiding for his life, trying to escape King Saul. Although Jonathan was the son of Saul and heir to the throne, he loved David.  No matter how adverse the circumstance…Jonathan remained loyal to his friend.  Let me tell you right now…It is a wonderful thing to have a friend like that.  If someone doesn’t love you at all times, that person is not your friend!!!  It is one of the disappointments of life to have someone profess to love you and be your friend, then when a tough situation arises, you find that he really does not love you after all.
Don’t ever take a friendship for granted.  Pray that God would provide a Godly friend or two in your life.  David had other friends…but Jonathan held a very close part of his life.  We should be so fortunate & blessed to have a true best friend in life.  Not only should you pray for a loyal loving friend…but you should see how you can be selfless and give to those God provides.  If you say, “I don’t have a close friend.”…perhaps it is because you are not reaching out and taking a chance.  I am so thankful & blessed for God has given me three very close friendships in my life!!!  One phone call from any of them would have me give up what I am doing and even fly to where they are if they were in a situation that required my help.  Not only should you hope for a close friend…but make sure you are loving others at all times!  When you choose to be selective with your love…you are breaking the heart of God