QT – Proverbs 16

Vs. 2, “All  person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the LORD.”  There are times in our life where we make plans….but when the time comes….God is the One who is going to have the last word!  We may make a great boast, but only God can give the final answer.  Ask any non-believer about salvation and here is a response you will see quite often, “I’m a pretty good person, I haven’t done anything horrible…as long as you are good, you’ll go a good place.”  There are even a great deal of Christians who convince themselves that nothing is really wrong with their walk.   We need to hold up a mirror of the Word of God and let it reveal to us who we really are.

Regarding application…The movie “The Matrix”…The red pill or the blue pill.  One pill will reveal the true nature of the world…the other pill will let you live on without knowledge of what is truly real.  Think of proverbs as a pill…a pill that will reveal to you the truth!  Ask a geologist how old a rock is and they will give you all this scientific data about how old it is…ask a meterologist why the sky is blue and they will tell you about how the sun reflects off the atmosphere…but when it really comes down to it…It was God’s intention that our lives and this earth is the way it is.  No man’s wisdom will ever explain the ways of God.  Proverbs begins to reveal to us the limited knowledge of man.  But most importantly…we see here even in this chapter the different ways a person can go with the condition of their heart.  How is your heart?  Are you letting God reveal to you the wisdom from above?