QT – Proverbs 9

Vs. 10, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”  The reader is offered two invitations…one from “Wisdom” (with a banquet of bread, meat, & winde)…the other “Folly” (stolen bread & water).  Both make their appeal to the simple.  Though we don’t like to think of ourselves this way…we are simple.  The foolish scoff at rebuke &  teaching…while the wise gain from it.  Which one have you been?  Which invitation will you choose?  Like it or not…every person chooses one or the other. 
Regarding application…Wisdom in the Word. I used to think of myself with above average wisdom.  But the Lord in time humbled me severely upon attending Bible College.  It was then that I realized that I was a fool in so many ways.  Up to that point, I knew about QT’s and I knew reading the Bible was important…yet…it was something I did every now and then.  I foolishly thought that I could get by without having to do the work.  But to have wisdom and understanding…I realized then that it was not just about how I felt.  It was the realization that something way bigger than me was upon me.  It was fear of the Lord that brought me to my knees.  Now…I don’t see how I could live without God’s Word.  Wisdom is our spiritual food found in God’s Living Word!  I urge you to grow more and more in the knowledge of the Holy One!