QT – Proverbs 7

Vs. 25, “Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her paths.”  Here we see Solomon giving us wisdom about being seduced by the temptress.  Sin has it’s way of enticing even the most Godly person.  Here we have a young man walking through the streets and a beautiful woman attempting to bring him into her bed.  No matter how beautiful a person or things seem to be, nothing can truly hide its ugliness inside.

Regarding application…Seduction of Sin.  The application is far more than just a man and a woman tempting him.  The seduction of sin often comes in ways we minimize.  Take for example secular music.  It seems harmless and can be at times…but it seduces us to travel further into it.  Our ipod’s and MP3 players have more secular music than Christian.  The messages of the songs entice us to want to have relationships before we are ready, or more money than we need.  Sin seduces us.  The sin of pride and accomplishment can lead us away from a life lived for God and turn it into a life lived for the praises of other people.  Flee from such ways dear brothers & sisters in Christ.