QT – Proverbs 5

Vs. 20, “Why be captivated, my son, by an adulteress? Why embrace the bosom of another man’s wife?”  Yesterday, God’s word reminded us about guarding our hearts…today we see what one of things can happen if we don’t.  In a world that has commercialized sex and turned adultery into entertainment, this warning is most desperately needed.  Unfortunately, few people believe that there are tragic consequences to sexual sin.  What begins like the taste of honey ends on the road to death (vs. 4-5).  Question: What can happen to a person who commits adultery?  You lose your honor & integrity, you lose years of your life, you can lose your wealth & your joy (vs. 7-14).  And to top all of that off, what you think is the freedom to choose is really the bondage of sin (vs. 21-23).  Rather, your spouse should be the object of your affection.
Regarding application…Consequences!  Vs. 11, “At the end of your life you will groan, when your flesh and body are spent.”  The fact that physcial consequences should be motiviation enough!  Don’t ever think STD’s and AIDS are a coincidence!  Sexual diseases are a consequence of the sexual immoral.  Cheating and being sexually immoral can literally lead you to death!  Yet, the consequences of hurting your spouse, hurting your family, hurting yourself, basically hurting everyone’s future is enormous.  I remember one afternoon when I was taking a break at work, Oprah was on on the T.V.  Her topic was on the very thing we are discussing adultery.  But it wasn’t stories of hurting husbands or wives.  It was stories about spouses liberating themselves and sharing themselves with other people.  In fact, Oprah’s study showed that 17% of married couples actually have no problem if their spouse cheats on them (as long as they can cheat too).  Brothers & Sisters in Christ….THIS SHOULD NOT BE!  Just look at King David’s life…adultery led one of David’s own son’s to kill his brother….because his brother raped his sister!!!  There are consequences for being sexually immoral. And if you think that consequences come only to those who are married…you have it wrong!  Choosing to have sex with other partners before marriage can cause just as much grief!  I know of a married couple with four children…the picture of a Christian family.  Yet, the husband had premarital sex with another woman when he was a teenager.  When he married his wife, he failed to tell her until after they married.  It devasted her so much and even to this day it saddens her.  She committed herself for her future husband…but her future husband chose not to.  Though many of you are young, take this message of wisdom to heart!