QT – I Corinthians 7

This chapter deals with problems of marriage and in the home.  In order to understand this passage, we must consider the sign of the times at Corinth.  Corinth was a place of extreme sexual immorality, Paul was dealing with some unique local situations which we may not be dealing with today, and this was also a tumultous time for believers and their personal futures with persecution & trials.  Paul tries to answer some misconceptions about marriage and being single.  It’s not wrong to marry and it’s not wrong to remain single.  Each person is gifted for either way of life…but if you are meant to marry, it is better to marry than burn with passion (vs. 9).  We are reminded also that we must be married to Christians (Vs. 39), but Paul gives us examples of married couples who were not Christian at marriage and then one of them becomes one.  That spouse is to not divorce even though their partner is not a Christian.  This passage also suggests how we are to deal with seperation & divorce in the unique situation where the unbeliving spouse leaves the believer.  Regarding the latter part of this passage, where Paul comments on the unmarried, we see that there might have been some tough times for young couples.  Regardless, we see Paul’s emphasis on how important marriage is and why we must pray & know we are marrying the right person! 
Regarding application…Sanctity of Marriage.  It is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make besides accepting the Lord Jesus into your life.  You should never ever be in a rush to get married.  Being married is a tremendous opportunity…but also a tremendous responsibiilty!  Perhaps that is why we have so many divorces because people do not comprehend the magnitude of the sanctity of marriage.  Though most of you are still young, there is nothing wrong with beginning to pray now if it is the Lord’s will for you to be married…and if so…start praying for yourself & that person in the future. Praying for others is always a good way to learn to be less selfish and more sensitive to others!