QT – Romans 4

Vs. 4, “What does Scripture say? ÔÇťAbraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  This is a very important chapter where the Apostle Paul established the whole justified by faith I mentioned in yesterday’s QT.  To be justified (right) before God, the law and good works were never a part of that.  Paul uses Abraham as our example to understand this.  We are told Abraham believed God (Genesis 15:1-6)…it wasn’t Abraham’s works, but his faith in the Lord.  We also see King David mentioned and he is a perfect example of being saved by faith not by the mistakes he had done.  

Regarding application…Law is Not Enough.  vs. 14, “For if those who depend on the law are heirs, faith means nothing and the promise is worthless.”  The Law was never brought to us to save us.  It was brought to help us understand that we are sinners.  It was brought to help us understand that we are never going to be perfect.  We will fail at times in this life.  Sometimes, it would be great to think if I don’t do this than I am a good person.  But, when we really look into ourselves…we realize the depth of sin that was born in us.  We realize that we have hated too much, gossiped to much, be selfish too much, etc.  The law guides us along like road signs to a town, but road signs don’t get us to the location it just reminds us that a location exists.