QT – Psalm 141

Vs. 1, “O LORD, I call to you; come quickly to me.  Hear my voice when I call to you.”  This psalm is considered a lament/imprecatory psalm.  David is humbly calling upon the Lord to hear His request.  Though David was away from Jerusalem, He still sought out the Lord.  Because David was away from God’s presence, He prayed even more that he would not conform to the evil that is around him (vs. 4).  It is a constant reminder to not allow the world we go into everyday to influence our actions.  

Regarding application…Prayer’s Rise Up.  Vs. 2, “May my prayer be set before you like incense…”  Incense was used in God’s tabernacle when Aaron would offer up sacrifices to the Lord.  Likewise, when we come before God each day…our prayer’s rise up as incense…holy and pleasing to God.  It reminds me of how the Bible tells us that we are the aroma of Christ. I remember reading that “smell” is one of the things in our life that help us remember and associate things with.  When I smell bacon, I think of my childhood years as my mom would make that for breakfast.  Aroma is pleasing to us….and prayer is pleasing to God!  Let us pray each and everyday!