QT – Psalm 135

Vs. 1, “Praise the LORD. Praise the name of the LORD; praise him, you servants of the LORD.”  This is the considered a psalm of praise that was probably written after the Babylonian exile.  They are reminded of their earlier rescue from Egypt.  It also addresses the issue of turning to idolatry.  God deserves our praise because He has saved us (vs. 4), He created us (vs. 5-7) and we can celebrate in Him!

Regarding application…Receiving/Giving God’s Compassion.  Vs. 14, “For the LORD will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.”  The beauty of all of this is that we didn’t even have to ask God for compassion.  He already extends this incredible offer to us.  Of course, we have to make the decision to receive His compassion upon us.  Often times I find myself being a more recipient of compassion than a giver of compassion.  But the basic definition of compassion: Deep awareness and sympathy towards another person suffering.  Wow, when you put it that way…I suppose we all have some work to do, huh?  Let us be people that not only receive compassion but give compassion.