QT – Psalm 133

Vs. 1, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”  This is one of David’s ascent Psalms and focuses on the unity of God’s children.  It points to Jesus’ prayer for unity from John 17.  David gives us a vivid picture of oil as it flows down Aaron’s beard.  Oil was used to show the blessings of God…and in this we see God desiring to bless His children with the oil that creates unity.

Regarding application…Prayer for Unity.  It is presumptuous to assume that unity among believers is something that is a given.  Whether you are looking at Jacob’s twelve sons or the twelve apostles…there were times where unity was not there.  We can fake unity and possibly even force it at times…but only through prayer can true unity arise.  Whatever church you attend, make that a prayer because even Jesus deemed it so important to pray for unity.  Because when we are united, the world see’s the Lord Jesus!  Let’s make every effort to love each other and forgive!