QT – Psalm 83

Vs. 18, “Let them know that you, whose name is the LORD—that you alone are the Most High over all the earth.”  Asaph turns to the Lord because he see’s the nations joining together to form a evil alliance against God’s people.  He wonder’s why it seems God is silent and asks of the Lord to help them overcome the enemy.  It seemed God was turning His ear to the cries of the righteous…but God’s timing is always perfect.  Asaph’s heart is in the right place as He wants only the best for God’s people and hopes that even the enemy would turn to God (vs. 16).

Regarding application…The Enemy is Preparing.  Vs. 5, “With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you.”  Make no mistake brothers & sisters in Christ…The enemy is preparing an alliance against God’s people.  Now more than ever, I feel the evident attacks of the enemy as we near closer to our Youth retreat.  I’m thankful to the Lord in His timing in reminding me that I must be aware of not underestimating the enemy’s tactics.  It’s one thing to know about it…but it’s another thing to do it!  I think just like in real battle, the enemy will ally themselves together to take out a strong army.  The enemy will also ally together to take out a strong spiriutal movement for the Lord.  As the enemy prepares…we also need to prepare!!!  Turn to God’s word today…keep your heart protected and be prayer warriors each and every day.  Whether you are part of our CTC church down in So. Cal…or in Oregon and beyond…there is things we need to put our trust in the Lord.  Remember the song “Shout Unto God”…The enemy has been defeated~~~~