QT – Psalm 80

Vs. 7, “Restore us, O God Almighty; make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved.” This reminds me of the song “Shine On Us” At this time, Israel were like a lost sheep who stopped listening to the voice of their Shepherd. Instead of being in the safety of the Shepherd & enjoying green pastures & fresh flowing streams of water….Israel found themselves enduing tears & hardship from the enemies of God. Asaph also uses the metaphor of a vineyard…they were once fruitful, but now were barren. Of course, this foreshadows the metaphors that Jesus would use to describe himself!

Regarding application…Light in the Dark.  In the song “Shine On Us”…a verse goes like this, “To find our way in the darkest night…Let you light shine on us.”  My iPhone has a flashlight app that let’s me use the flash from the camera.  It’s great to use this when I’m in the dark.  We need to light our path in this dark world with the Bible, Prayer, & Jesus living in us! Everyday we go without Jesus…is another day we fumble in the dark going down paths we might get hurt. Let Jesus shine His light in you today!