QT – Psalm 72

Vs. 1, “Endow the king with your justice, O God, the royal son with your righteousness.” This is one of two psalms that has been attributed to Solomon….though some believe it was written by David for his son Solomon. Whatever the cases…it is very deeply enriched with Messianic themes pointing to the final King in Jesus! Notice the intent of the request are for wisdom & sound judgment…peace & provision for the needy. Some authorities rule with a strong arm & pride, but we see here that God’s chosen was to rule by example! But the final hope is that one day God will indeed fill the whole earth with His Glory!

Regarding application…Those In Need.  Vs. 12, “For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.” Who were these people?…better…Who are these people today? I am convicted today, because I am guilty of forgetting about those who have nothing. It’s so easy in life to get comfortable with my own events & circumstances. Of all people…being an orphan myself…I should remember those who are truly needy. It still is my deep seeded desre to one day run my own orphanage. But I ask myself…”What am I doing now?” Jesus gave us the ultimate example of reaching to the needy & unloved of society. Yeah…I’ve done my part in helping people when I can along the streets or homeless people who come to our church on Sunday afternoons…but I must confess, I don’t do enough.  It seems society has grown cold to the cries of the needy because of the ones who have given them a bad name. We almost turn our cheeks at homeless people on the ramps before highways….muttering, “They’ll go buy alcohol anyway.” is our excuse. Who are we to judge? There are so many legitimate people truly in need. So many children who are unloved & forgotten. Yet, we live in a “I, Me, Myself” society. Brothers & Sisters in Christ…this should not be! Pray & ask God to convict you about something that you need to do to reach out to those who are in need!