QT – Psalm 58

Vs. 10, “The righteous will be glad when they are avenged, when they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked.” In words that seem nearly unchristian to say…David condemn’s the wicked and pleads to God that judgment would come upon them. But remember that David was God’s chosen King…David’s enemies would be God’s enemies. Though it seems like he is getting personal…David’s greatest concern was for the righteous. The extent of his images are quite vivid and we see just how these evil people affected him. But in the end…David also realized it would be God to whom vengence would come. God had given David the authority as King to denoucne these evil people. We don’t have that authority today…but we do have the power to Forgive! Hate the sin…love the sinner. It is God’s place to avenge!

Regarding application…Responding to Sin.  I can’t help but commend David in some way. Why? Because of his intolerance for sin. Our tolerance for sin is so sad to see. Whether it be language, violence, sex, gossip and slander….we rarely flinch when we see it or even are a part of it. We can take a huge lesson from David today…we must have a truly holy anger towards sin…whether it be ours or the world we see. Why again? Because, the more we realize sin…the more we can forgive & see the grace of God upon our lives. It’s like the passage in the NT where the Apostle Paul admonished the Romans in chapter 5:20, “The law was added so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” I think I’m begining to finally understand what Paul meant. If we do not oppose the sin in our lives…then I would question if we really know the grace & holiness of our God.

What in justices do you know of in your own life? I’m not talking about the activists like people who chant Go Green! I’m talking about what social injustices are out there that you know of? I remember a few years back, our church in Oregon spent some time helping out World Vision. More specifically helping out the orphaned children in India who were being exploited for sex. Yet, this is still happening in the world today. What are you doing about it? This is the right type of anger we can have towards sins such as this. While we all may not be able to physically help….we can all be called to be prayer warriors for the injustice we see in this world. Like the old cartoon that has been revised…Justice League of America….we can be super-hero’s too….super-hero’s of prayer!