QT – Psalm 47

Vs. 1, “Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.” Amen! This psalm really shows us the exuburance of praise! What causes such joy? The excitement of being in the presence of the King! God brings victory to our lives, we will one day see him seated at his throne where he will reign forever!

Regarding application…Exhuberent Praise.  Many of you know how my natural preference is for slower and more worshipful style of songs. However, this psalm definitely challenges my preference and shows me the value of both Joyful praise songs and meditative woship songs. When you think about it….we are a society that is unimpressed with many things. It’s going to have to be something extraordinary to stir excitement in people. Everyonce in awhile we’ll see it in the church @ a rivial or retreat. But, perhaps the simple knowledge of Christ our King and His Awesome power should suffice. When you go to church tomorrow, reread this psalm and let the your voices sings praises to Our God!