QT – Psalm 45

Vs. 6, “Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.” You may wonder…How does this psalm apply to me? Well, it is considered a royal wedding psalm and it is celebrating marriage. However, there is a dual meaning in this…for it also is Messianic and alludes to the Bridgegroom…who is Jesus! Now, take a moment to re-read this psalm and think of it written about our Lord Jesus! The bride is the us…the church.

Regarding application…Relationship of Marriage.  As we are knee deep in our relationship series…I think we really get to see just how important a marriage is! It’s not only a celebration, but the realization that these two people have committed the rest of their lives together. Yet, the society we live in today…marriage is almost a joke. With prenuptials and the realization of divorce down the road, marriage has lost its luster. As part of the church (the bride), let us not mirror the world and for you younger generation…take marriage to heart! I pray that each of you will always remember just how important it is to prayerfully seek the one that was meant for you. Too many people have been hurt by broken marriages. Let us celebrate the commitment of marriage…but more importantly celebrate the marriage of the the Bridegroom & Church!